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Nifty League Docs

The pages that follow contain comprehensive documentation of the Nifty League ecosystem. If you are new to Nifty League, you might want to check out our FAQ first.

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What is Nifty League?

Explore our gaming platform's vision. Delve into core concepts, our inception, and aspirations to understand our exciting journey in Web3 gaming.

Developers or Creators

Nifty League offers game developers a streamlined platform to kickstart their development process. Start your next game's journey with us!


Learn about our gaming ecosystem's native currency and governance token, NFTL. What is NFTL's utility? What is governance?

Getting Started

Explore these docs to learn about our platform and find guides to start playing our games:

Set Up

Get started setting up your Ethereum wallet

Purchasing NFTL

Learn how to purchase NFTL tokens

Playing Nifty Smashers

Learn how to bonk in Nifty Smashers!

Developer Links

Our codebase is comprised of both open-source and proprietary software. View our public code below:

Github Logo


Github Logo


Github Logo


Github Logo